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There are multiple ways to best manage customer returns that depend on the requirements of your business and we handle it all. Skilled Technicians and large-scale rework and refurbishment capabilities mean we can create bespoke solutions across repair, premium refurbishment, and buy to sell refurbishment.

Our experienced technicians and Integrated systems allow for professional repair and analysis that protects your brand and instils consumer trust in warranty and second life products.

We orchestrate direct from consumer returns into AP Taylor for professional repair, gathering fault and processing data for simple unit tracking, status, screening, and fault trend identification.

Our Premium Refurbishment service provides bespoke refurbishment of products for resale via your own preferred channels.

You can select services around fault tracking, branded packaging and product store and dispatch to simplify your returns management to improve captured revenue from your returns refurbishment in a way that doesn’t conflict with current sales.


We can store and dispatch products we have refurbished on your behalf for your own sales channels shipping direct to your customers or warehousing.


We facilitate direct from consumer product returns for repair. With logistics API integration, customer updates, and parts and fault tracking.

Buy to sell refurbishment

We can purchase returned stock and refurbish to a high standard for resale on our highly rated omni-channel ecommerce.

Brand protection

A key part of manufacturers and retailers’ journey is in ‘Right to repair’ and we can be a tool to help facilitate this with your customers in a way that protects your brand and your bottom line.

Product reporting

In depth data gathering and reporting of product faults aid manufacturer feedback and quality control to improve products lifespan and minimise future faults, showing real world consumer fault data on your returned products for a more streamlined and informative solution. This level of data also allows us to track KPIs against the SLA agreements.

Whatever your business requirements our repair, refurbishment and reporting is conducted to a high standard to ensure your brand is protected, your consumers are happy, and the opportunity for second life of your products is maximised.

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