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End-to-end returns management forms and essential part of manufacturer and retailer sustainability goals. Keeping products in the hands of the consumers doesn't just realise the full value of a product over its lifecycle, but it keeps them being used, improving for the future, and keeping your products out of landfill.

How we can help you meet your environmental goals

We are focused on creating initiatives that are both cost effective and good for the planet, that align with your sustainability goals and the demands of the modern consumer.

Returns management: A Key part of the circular economy

Streamlined logistics, parts harvesting, and in house recycling and reuse initiatives reduce the extended scope emissions of the carbon footprint of your product returns as well as save money.

Warranty repair, fault analysis, and product refurbishment improves the lifespan of your products and contributing to a more circular economy, opening opportunities for growth and development.

The circular economy

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Why it matters

Social, cultural and environmental changes means the landscape of doing business and the demands of consumers has changed.

Handle returns correctly can not only create profitable opportunity for your business, but generate sustainable growth and help meet your environmental, social and governmental objectives.

We partner with your business as a tool to contribute to your Environmental, social and governmental targets surrounding your returns.

"The environmental impact we have on our planet as a business is as important to us as it is to our customers and working with AP Taylor has allowed us to reduce our returns rate with informative reporting, take better control of how our returns are handled and enable us to recoup revenue."

Ashleigh Comb
General Manager
Vytronix - Online and amazon retailer

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