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AP Taylor is a total returns solution. A UK market leader in end-to-end bespoke returns solutions for manufacturers and retailers with a proven track history in green solutions that maximise the value of your returns and protect your brand. Our unique in-house processing and fault analysis, sustainable initiatives, skilled technicians and omni-channel sale distribution make us a leader in the UK returns industry.

  • Logistics management

    Fast and cost-effective solutions to maximise efficiency and to keep time, costs and emissions at a minimum. Consolidating and expediating movement of stock from manufacturers and retailers.

  • Processing and analysis

    Frameworks to gather key information from book ins to in-depth reporting on whatever your business needs. Helping you track individual products for product tracking, quality control and assessment, waste management, KPI reporting.

  • Picking and screening

    We facilitate product picking and data capture on selected products for your business’s own quality control purposes, handling in depth analysis and fault finding.

  • Stock purchasing and handling

    After processing your returns we can purchase the stock, refurbish it for your resale, or facilitate warranty repair depending on your needs.

  • Refurbishment and Warranty repair

    We work with an array of product types and complexities. Handling all returns for refurbishment, warranty repair, resale, and premium repair. Our highly skilled technicians and Integrated systems allow precise product tracking, repair, automatic customer updates and product analysis, protecting your brand and instilling consumer trust.

    Our Premium Refurbishment service provides bespoke repairs on products for your own resale channels, customer care and branded packaging and product drop shipping. We purchase or manage your returns stock to reworked and distribute via our highly rated ecommerce channels to your specification.

  • Waste management and recycling

    Keeping 100% of returns from landfill, we implement, parts harvesting, recycling and waste management responsibly, to keep costs down and aid in sustainable solutions.

  • Product reporting

    Support and frameworks for in depth reporting of faults and common product issues aiding your business in manufacturer feedback and quality control purposes to increase products lifespan and minimise future faults.

  • Targeted commerce

    Our range of established sales channels are dedicated to protecting your brand and sales whilst sustainably improving your product’s lifecycles. We work together to find the solutions right for your business.

  • Customer aftercare & warranty

    Our knowledge, experience, and analytics expertise cover your customer care and technical support needs, with our in house warranty for purchased returns for resale via our own ecommerce channels to ensure brand protection.

Fast sifting, data capture and fault check

Repair and refurbishment for warranty and resale.

Sales channels and customer service aftercare.

Recycling, reuse and waste management.

Across everything we do, protecting your brand and aligning with your sustainability goals are constant priorities that we consider at every step of the way

"We’ve been working with AP Taylor for over 20 years and have a great relationship with them. They’ve always ensured that returned items were booked in, inspected, and processed quickly and efficiently and added to our systems, helping to look after consumers and improve the bottom line."

Colin Firth
Technical Manager

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