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At AP Taylor Ltd we understand our own and our clients responsibilities to the environment beyond legal and regulatory requirements. Effective waste management, recycling and reuse keeps 100% of our returns out of landfill. We harvest parts, reuse materials and recycle responsibly to keep costs down and provide more sustainable solutions for a greener future.

Recycling & waste management

Products 100% of returns are kept out of landfill and are given a second life through repair or refurbishment, or are disposed of responsibly, including packaging, Lithum-Ion Battery disposal, and product recycling. None of the products we handle end up in landfill, and we work hard to ensure we only improve on this.


In order to extend the life of resources, we repurpose and reuse all we can. Much of what is returned has components of near perfect quality that can be used for refurbishment. Cardboard we can’t use for repackaging is repurposed where possible to provide packing filler material for safe transport.

We understand our responsibility for providing a more sustainable future for businesses and consumers. Much of our packaging plastics are LDPE 4 made from 30% recycled material, and our cardboard is FSC certified, with other sustainable solutions being constantly explored.

We track and measure data in accordance with our accreditation requirements, positioning us as a key tool in manufacturer and retailers supply chains within a more circular economy.

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