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A Total Returns Solution


We are able to offer a back to base repair service for all of your products that are either in or out of the warranty period. The benefits of this service are: Reduction in service centre personnel such as office staff, service engineers, administration staff and the cost of purchase and maintaining vehicles.

By taking advantage of our spares stock we can reduce the cost to you for replacing any parts under warranty.

We will eliminate the cost of sending an engineer out to repair the product which is a very costly service.

We can enable you to earn extra revenue by taking advantage of repairs that are out of warranty.

All the items collected /dispatched can be fully tracked by our courier company. This enables the customer to track their item.

Customer service details can be transferred to us via telephone, fax or e-mail.

All repairs, whether they are in or out of warranty will be completed within a 48 hour period (dependent on the availability of spare parts).

Any information regarding the returned product is recorded and is available. These include customer name, address, model, purchase date, fault reported, fault found, action taken, parts used and cost of processing the repair.

All products are fully electrically tested and repacked wherever necessary prior to dispatch.

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